Nature Exploration

Our nature exploration program is back! Come join us for fun in the great outdoors. Held on Wednesday afternoons for students in Kindergarten and Grade 1.

PUDDLESTOMPERS’ Outdoor Explorers Class is a school-based program geared towards children Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Weekly classes include hands-on science and nature exploration activities, active movement and play, craft, and a story. Each class is designed around a specific theme, some of which may span several weeks. The children will be outside for all or most of the class exploring the schoolyard and/or items brought by the teacher to the school. Each week, children will bring home a small project and a handout that includes factual information, additional exploration activities, and suggested books and websites.

Come explore nature after school! Catch grasshoppers and listen to the sounds of the seasons! Peek inside animal skulls and feel animal fur! Discover which insects and bugs are crawling underground! Learn bird calls and go on a migration journey! Collect colorful fall leaves to learn why they change hues. We will use hands-on exploration activities, active movement and play, crafts, and stories to investigate the natural world around us. We will be outside and moving as we explore. Come discover the wonders of the seasons with us!