We offer several options for Chess each semester from competitive play to basic instruction. All of our classes are led by accomplished chess masters in a safe and nurturing environment. Please note, that we do evaluate the appropriateness of the class chosen based on the makeup of the entire class and the recommendations of the instructor.


  • Mon: Chess League
  • Wed: Classic Group Lessons (Level 1 and Level II)
  • Wed: Private lessons
  • Thurs: Private lessons

Chess: Classic group lessons Level 1 and Level II classes are offered on the same day intentionally. Along with the instructors we will adjust the rosters of each group (Level I and Level II) to reflect the best makeup for the class that semester. The decision to adjust the students from one level to the other will be based on the age/grade of the students, skill level, maturity level, and the makeup of the other students on the rosters, to ensure a cohesive and supportive learning environment for all of the participants.

Chess Class: Level I: We are very excited to have Ilya Krasik (USCF Rating2317) return to our Chess Program again this semester. "I strongly believe that the key to improving your chess is to raise your overall understanding of the game. Many people waste their time and money on trying to memorize openings and get nowhere, increase your understanding and you will make that jump you've been seeking. Experienced trainer, both in scholastic and adult settings. I am still improving, recently went from 2200 to over 2300, so I know what it takes." Ilya is a former MA High School co-champion, top 50 U.S. Junior, member of the Boston Blitz, and part of the United States Chess League.

This class is appropriate for beginners and intermediates, and includes both instruction in elementary tactics and strategy, as well as individual game play. Players will be divided based on age, ability, and instructor recommendations. Grades K-1

Chess Class: Level II: We are excited to welcome back Vadim to our BB&N Chess program again this year. Vadim Martirosov is a highly experienced Chess Master (Highest FIDE rating: 2345; Current: 2250) from the former USSR. He studied chess under the supervision of Oleg Privorotsky (G. Kasparov’s first coach) and has been teaching chess full time in the US for the last seven years to all levels of students. Vadim has taught hundreds of students from all age groups in elementary, middle, and high schools and has mentored many of them from beginners up to expert level and on to championships. Vadim comes to BB&N with an excitement and enthusiasm that makes the game of chess fun for all ages.

This class will specialize in the student that would like to take chess to the next level and to explore the challenge of tournament play. Recommended for Grades 2-5 (younger students may be moved to this level II class only if deemed appropriate by the instructors)

League of Knights: Chess: Tournament Prep: League of Knights classes are offered to our more dedicated students who have an interest in preparing for competition. Although the classes are offered to all dedicated students, it is anticipated that a smaller subset of the class will be interested in the actual competitions. As a result, this class is geared toward assisting these students in preparation for competition. League of Knights classes run once a week for 1 hour per class through the semester.

BB&N does not register students for competition. It is the responsibility of the families to put a team together for tournament play if they so desire. This class is solely to prepare the more dedicated student for possible competitions. As a representative of BB&N, any competing BBN student must comply with the standards of conduct representative of a BB&N student at all times. If so desired, BB&N will provide T-shirts for all League of Knights Teams to be worn during tournaments and competitions at no additional cost to the competing students as long as 30 days advance notice is given to place a T-Shirt order.

Vadim will work with the Chess League students to enhance their skills for possible tournament play. Grades 2-5.

Private Chess Lessons: Private lessons are 30 minutes of private instruction each week. This class is available to all grades K- 8.

    • Wednesdays: Vadim: Times: 3:15–3:45 / 3:45-4:15 / 4:15-4:45 & Ilya 3:15
    • Thursdays: Ilya: Times: 3:15–3:45 / 3:45-4:15 / 4:15-4:45