Sports BAG

"Be Ahead of the Game" (BAG) is very excited to continue at BB&N providing more sports classes After School. Ahead of the Game was established to introduce new and exciting ways to learn the importance of healthy lifestyles. Their goal is to offer fun, physical activities, sports, and games to children of all ages. They believe that teaching children the value of physical fitness at a young age instills healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The classes are age appropriate and conducted in a comfortable, non-competitive environment. For the youngest kids, team sports and similar activities can be difficult. This is why Ahead of the Game offers "Lead-Up Games" and a variety of other alternatives to traditional sports. For the older groups they begin to focus on team building exercises and specific sport rules and instructions. Regardless of the age group, Ahead of the Game programs ensure the improvement of children's motor skills, coordination and confidence.

Super Sports: Geared toward the sport enthusiasts, young and old... learn, excel, and have fun at sports such as soccer, basketball, kickball, lacrosse, field hockey, etc. 

Ultimate Games: Join us for Ultimate Games. During this class we will veer away from the traditional sports games.  We will instead focus on dodgeball, doctor dodge, pin guard, capture the flag and other student choices.  

Soccer: We can never get enough soccer! Lots of attention given to our kids to learn the game of soccer and have fun with friends on the field.

Basketball: Keeping things moving on the court is our Basketball group... learn basic skills, play 4 vs 4 or half court.. either way the kids will have fun getting exercise and improving on the court.