Blog: In the News...

Blog: In the News

So proud of all my dancers at the One School One World event at the Upper School! This picture is of the entire class after performing an Indian song, "Twist" from an Indian movie Love Aaj Kaal. I am fortunate to be able to teach at many different public and private schools in the area and Im loving my class at BBN! We have such a blast!

Renu Goyal, Bollywood Dance Teacher

PUDDLESTOMPERS hada wonderful time exploring with our ASAP group so far this semester at BBN! We had a ton of fun playing games in the field, decorating nature crafts, and exploring outside. These pictures are of the 'mouse houses' we built when we learned about mice. We discovered how mice create intricate underground homes called burrows that include a place to sleep, a place to store food and several escape routes. One of our students explained that the house they made on the ground had a, "trap door so that the mouse could easily hide from snakes!" The kids did a great job exploring and we can't wait to see what we find next semester at ASAP!
Jesse Creedy Powers
Lead Teacher & Manager of Operations
PUDDLESTOMPERS Nature Exploration

Ryan is one of our amazing Guitar Instructors teaching ASAP private classes after school at BB&N. And if you had to miss out on Ryan's lessons this past month, you will be happy to know that Ryan wasnt just goofing off, he was busy bringing his music to Europe! ...


Straight from Ryan himself... "I am so happy to return home after a fun and successful tour through Europe. In the last month, it was my sincere pleasure to perform in Holland at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, at the Groninger Museum in Groningen and also at music venues throughout Germany in such cities as Aachen, Oberhausen, Trier, Leipzig, Hannover and Hamburg. We had a great show in Zürich, Switzerland, as well. I was sad to miss the changing of the leaves in Boston, as this is my favorite time of year in the city, but I am deeply grateful and happy to be home again. I missed my family and my students!