Y2Y Co-Founder Visits the Middle School

Sarah Rosenkrantz, co-founder of Y2Y Network, visited with Middle School students during community time last week. Y2Y is the nation's first student-run overnight program providing a safe and affirming environment for young adults age 18-24 experiencing homelessness. With its proximity to BB&N in Harvard Square, Y2Y offers BB&N students an opportunity to get involved in the work at the shelter.

After a short presentation by Rosenkrantz about the shelter and it's guests, students eagerly awaited their turn to ask questions. "How many people can stay at the shelter at once?" asked one student, while another queried, "does Y2Y help guests find places to go to school?" Middle schoolers were also curious about the operations of the shelter with questions like "where did you get the money to build the shelter?" and "do you have a curfew?"

With only three minutes left in community time, there were at least five student hands still raised in the air. It was clear that the middle schoolers were eager to get involved. Luckily, there are some upcoming opportunities to help Y2Y, including the Empty Bowls fundraiser event at the Middle School on December 12th, where all proceeds will go to the Y2Y shelter, and a Y2Y winter elective for students.