"Struggle, Hope, and Action" in Beginners North

Beginners teacher Dana Bentley provides an overview of a meaningful project the Beginners North students recently explored.

"Over the course of the year, Beginners North has been working with the Lower School theme of 'Struggle, Hope, and Action.' For our class, this means a process of developing a strong classroom community, making meaning about concepts of justice, and then envisioning what we want the world to be. Through personal experiences and perspectives, as well as literature, the children of Beginners North took time to develop a consciousness about the needs experienced by people in the larger world. Over time, hunger emerged in our classroom as a concern the children wanted to address. In the words of one child:

'People have rights to eat, like us and the babies. But some people are hungry and they don't have any money to get some food. How can they eat?'

"At this point, we moved to the 'action' portion of the children's work. On Wednesday, March 8th, in honor of International Women's Day, Beginners North worked together to pack bag lunches for the Bristol Lodge, a shelter in Waltham. The children were very serious about their work, 'Because this is somebody's dinner!' They explained to us, "If we didn't make this food, somebody would be hungry." We will continue this relationship over the course of the year, supporting the children in seeing themselves as advocates who can make change in the world through social action."

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