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Students Become Teachers in Marine Ecology TEDx Talks

The Upper School community room recently housed a special BB&N TEDx Talk seminar featuring three seniors in science teacher Terry Cox's Marine Ecology class. Rose Lober '19, James Brunelli '19, and Leyla Ewlad '19 shared their findings on various research topics, tying each one to a specific United Nations sustainable development goal.

Climate Action - Melting Ice and Rising Sea Temperatures (Rose Lober '19)

Responsible Consumption & Production - Overconsumption of Blue Fin Tuna (James Brunelli '19)

Life Below Water - Offshore Drilling and Oil Spills (Leyla Ewald '19)

The presentations explored the ecological impact of each topic, delving into historical trends, current practices, and future impact, while highlighting the fragility of the marine ecosystem and the nebulous role humanity plays within it. In addition to allowing a teaching moment for students, the TEDx platform also proved an enlightening conduit to spur conversation around the pressing issues.