Students Become Authors in Spanish Honors II

Crafting colorful pictures and constructing carefully thought-out stories, BB&N students in Maggie Caso's Spanish Honors II class recently authored their own children's books as the culmination of their first semester. Working mostly in pairs, students were assigned the task of writing and illustrating an original story containing an explicit lesson or moral.

"I was very pleased with the kids' devotion and energy in this project," Caso says. "It's a lot of work, but also a very engaging and fun way to help learn a language."

Getting into the spirit of the holiday season, Caso's class will travel to a public library in east Boston this winter to donate the books. Soon, some of Boston's youngest Spanish speakers will be enjoying tales such as El Cuentao de la Ballena Egoísta (The Story of the Selfish Whale), or Carlitos y sus Plátanos (Carlitos and his Bananas).