Student Symposium Explores Current Trends in Science and Technology 

For those interested in discovering the inside scoop on the latest trends and topics in science and technology last month, there are several websites and magazines that Upper School science teacher Leah Cataldo might have suggested checking out. But more likely, Cataldo would have simply recommended a visit to the Upper School on the evening of January 22nd for the school's twelfth annual "Current Topics & Research in Science and Technology Symposium."

The symposium featured students from Cataldo's Current Topics and Research in Science and Technology class presenting informative deep dives into issues at the forefront of the science community. Using PowerPoint slides and persuasive, engaging research to explore each topic, the seven seniors comprising the symposium presented on a wide array of issues, running the gamut from understanding and defeating the stomach bug to the intersection of quantum physics and quantum computing as seen in the movie Antman.

It was an informative and fascinating evening, giving those who attended serious food for thought. See below for a full list of students and their topics.


 Food Allergies: The Unexplained Disease Overtaking America 

Leyla Ewald

 Ant-Man Breaks the Internet - The Intersection of Quantum Physics and Quantum Computing

Sam Gloss

 Squishing the Stomach Bug

Matt Keating

 A Shocking Solution to Parkinson's Disease

Gabriel Levis

 Insights on Cancer Immunotherapy

Spencer Solit

 Space: The Next Frontier

Lana Tilke

 Cryptocurrency and the $200,000 Pizza

Andy Xu