Stay Tuned! Upper School Play Releases Thursday! 

Students in the production of OR21, a retelling of the Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex, worked hard all fall under more than challenging circumstances that included rehearsing while practicing social distancing and braving long shoots during cold weather. The result of their dedication is the film version of the play, which will be released on the BB&N website this Thursday, January 28th. (Click here for a preview.)

“I think I’m amazed, largely that we could have a production in the first place,” says Andrew Zhao ’21, who plays the lead role of Oedipus. “Despite the daunting landscape the pandemic provided for acting, with actors maintaining social distancing and speaking through their masks, Mr. MacDonald navigated the cast through it with ease.”

The cast also had to use different acting styles since they wear masks at all times. “We all tried to think more about how to express ourselves using our whole bodies, not just faces,” explains Julia Shephard ’22. Shephard plays the role of Creon.

Producing OR21 was certainly an unforgettable experience for the entire cast and crew. “I think I personally learned so much from everything new this season, including the social distancing, masked and outdoor rehearsals, outdoor set, freezing filming days, and camera acting,” says Dunia Sarkis ’22, who plays the role of the Senior Advisor. “I’m beyond excited to see the final product.”

For an in-depth look at how the production came together, click here for a detailed piece on the process.