Seniors Celebrate with One-of-a-Kind Graduation

The voice of Upper School Director, Geoff Theobald, rang out at 80 Gerry's Landing, announcing each student's name as the Class of 2020 graduated in what everyone present agreed was the most memorable celebration in the School's history. If you closed your eyes and only listened to Theobald, you might have for a moment thought you were in the NAC, as in previous years.

Instead, cars creatively decorated with the blue and gold School colors, signs thanking faculty and staff, and students' names, rolled through the parking lot one at a time. Tripping while crossing the stage in teetering heels was no longer a worry; just savoring the moment was the most important goal of the day.

"Dr. Price felt very strongly that we find a way to honor the seniors on the actual graduation day, and I was thrilled to be a part of the 'ceremony'. I'm sure it was not in anyone's plans to receive their diplomas while standing up through their car roofs or out their passenger windows with dance tunes playing in the back, but the seniors were wonderfully gracious and energetic and it afforded us a small chance to cheer for and celebrate them in midst of an otherwise scary and upsetting time."

Most students wore caps and gowns, and masks bearing the BB&N shield, provided by the School. Head of School, Dr. Jennifer Price, wearing her own graduation gown, handed the diplomas to the excited seniors through passenger windows or sunroofs. The School also gave each student a gift bag including a Class of 2020 picture frame, BB&N banner, sunglasses, and a Class of 2020 tee shirt designed by the students. 

"The ten staff members who were there danced and sang, including Dr. Price. We did our best to make it something they will never forget," said Brianna Smith '10, Assistant Director of Alumni/ae Programs. "It was a unique way for them to leave behind their high school years and we are excited to welcome the seniors into the BB&N Alumni/ae Community."

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