Project Adventure Brings Freshmen Together

This school year the key to life at BB&N has been flexibility in routines, traditions, and schedules. Such flexibility was front and center in the two days that Project Adventure recently facilitated team-building activities with the Class of 2024 at the Upper School that typically took place during Bivouac.

“This spring, we felt like we could more safely revisit some of the types of programming that we run at Bivouac. In particular the problem solving that everyone missed, game play and fun, and some of the more specific conversations around who we are as individuals, how we related to those around us, and who we are together,” explained Ninth Grade Dean and Bivouac Director, David Strodel.  

If you looked out on the field, you might have assumed that students were enjoying a type of field day as balls flew through the air and students chased each other with pool noodles. There were certainly a lot of smiles and a lighthearted atmosphere, yet at the same time Project Adventure had carefully crafted the games to make them purposeful. Staff from Project Adventure, BB&N faculty and Staff, and Bivouac Junior Guides led the exercises, which built important skills such as communication and collaboration. 

At the end of the day, the Class of 2024 had bonded more closely and learned more about themselves and each other. “I found both teachers and students remarking that this was ‘just what we needed,” added Strodel. “Keith Jones provided snacks, meals, and ice cream to end the second day--it felt quite good to be enjoying the outdoors and each other together!”

Click here for a photo gallery from the day.