On & Off Campus Blog: September Posts

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Bivouac: so begins the journey of the unforgettable ninth grade year

By Jack Haining '22

All of those who have been through ninth grade at BB&N have their own memories of Bivouac. Regardless of whether it was your cup of tea, it is certainly a highlight of freshman year. One of the many aspects that makes the camping trip so unforgettable is the surprises it holds for each student. Looking back on Bivouac now, it is clear Bivouac was a prelude to the numerous surprises that ninth grade would bring.

What my campers have taught me

by Nicholas Kolbas '20

I first attended Nobles Day Camp in a group for rising second graders, and eleven years later, I've returned to that same group. Granted, I've worked as a camp counselor for the past two summers, responsible for the kids' welfare through a range of sports and art activities. Occasionally, I see a camper comment on another's appearance, differing by ethnicity, cultural customs, or other characteristics. Although I intervene to prevent insult, these remarks arise out of pure curiosity, far detached from the intolerance surrounding America's societal divisions.

Flowers, food, and friends: my summers at the Mary Prentiss Inn

by Chloe Fandetti '21

My favorite part of the inn is the conservatory, because it is so bright. The sun streaks through the glass walls and skylight, lighting up the room and making the glass tables sparkle. Through the glass walls, you can see into the back deck, where an old maple tree canopies the sitting area. Flower pots brim with brilliant hues, and ripe tomatoes hang from their vines.

Not always smooth sailing

by Maia Sandell '20

As they were finishing their last race, I heard one boy yell out, "THERE'S A SHARK ON THE RACE COURSE!" I whipped my head over to where he was sailing, and I saw a large fin poking out of the dark water next to his boat.