On & Off Campus Blog: Community Reflections During COVID-19

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Stepping up for your community
By Andri Kadaifciu '23
Thankfully, however, the people of Albania are not giving up, stepping up to unite in solidarity. Hundreds of people have donated personal materials to hospitals and food supplies, helping the immunocompromised with groceries. Regardless of the tough conditions, doctors continue to come to work and risk their lives for the betterment of society.

Crosswalks in the time of COVID-19: how little moments have revealed the bigger picture
By Mary Randolph '22
Over the next weeks, this warm, steady pride conquered the cold, desperate panic pacing in the back of my mind. I have heard of people making masks, donating computers, and staying away from crowds. Amongst the bad, I have heard a million stories of goodness, of hope.

Could Covid-19 help us change our educational system?
By Andri Kadaifciu '23
As a student who has studied both in the U.S. and abroad, I have noticed that the education system here is significantly based on memorization. Students are expected to cram a vast amount of detailed information in a short period of time. They are pushed to memorize the book definition word-for-word, instead of learning to interpret and apply that information. Their success is measured by these test-taking skills. This information is most likely forgotten as soon as the next chapter is introduced.

A change of pace
By Tess Holland '23
Within just a few hours, drastic changes had occured that I had never expected. Right as we began to drive away my mom rattled off a list of schools around the greater Boston area that announced their closing for the next two weeks, with BB&N soon to follow.

What being a good citizen means in a global crisis
By Kaia Patterson '23
We all like to think of ourselves as good citizens: as ones who help our community in any way possible, as citizens who are selfless when it comes to their actions and don't forget to think about others. Although it's easy for me or anyone to say this about themselves, when it comes to a time of global crisis, like Covid-19, we tend to forget this motto as a coping mechanism

Embracing digital connection in this challenging time
By Sophie Chadha '21
I FaceTime my friends almost every night for hours. Sometimes we all watch a YouTube video or binge a TV show at the same time so we can all see each other's reactions. Sometimes we just end up not talking at all and doing our own things on our computers, but it's just comforting to know the other people are there.

School decisions in an uncertain time
By Jayden Personnat '21
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A college sophomore's corona experience
By Charlie Whitney '18
I returned to campus on a Monday. A friend of mine who attends school on the west coast told me their school had sent students home. That still felt like a long shot to happen to us. Then, suddenly, by Wednesday, seemingly every college in the country, including my own, had shut down for the remainder of the semester. None of us really had any time to process what had happened. In the matter of three days we went from welcoming one another back from spring break, to stunned goodbyes.

The pandemic pause button
By Marie Quintanar '21
At first, I didn't want to believe that my life as I knew it could change. This was my junior year, and I had AP exams, finals, a varsity crew season, and prom to look forward to. The prospect of any of those things being interrupted was unsettling for me.