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Zoom classes have made learning on a global scale an easy adjustment

By Nathan Bornstein '22

Since coming to BB&N freshman year and learning about Global Online Academy (GOA), I knew it was something I wanted to try. A few years ago, I began learning Japanese. Now, I am a student in the Global Online Academy course Japanese level II. So far, the class has been really interesting and I have learned a lot. Also, because I was already used to online classes, it was not much of an adjustment.

My senior year is about finding the right balance

By Chloe Fandetti '21

Back in March, when quarantine first began, it felt like I was transported to an alternate universe where days stretched out to 25 hours but weeks fused into each other. My once busy schedule with school, activities, and friends was replaced with infinite free time in the confinement of my house. Time kept passing, everyone kept aging, but the world was put on pause.

Navigating through virtual Model UN

by Jayden Personnat '21

I was sitting in a black leather rolling chair with my MacBook opened and positioned at the center of my desk. My dresser, closet, and bookshelf were located to the right of the desk while my window and twin-sized bed were situated to the left. By now, you've probably guessed that this is a simple description of my bedroom; however, unbeknown to me a year ago, my bedroom would become the venue for my first online Model UN conference.

Staying positive this fall

by Nikhil Datta '21

The start of this school year has been different than any other that I have experienced. One-way hallways, assigned bathrooms, and soccer practices with masks are some of the many adjustments that students have faced so far. Despite all of these changes, this school year has given our community an opportunity to grow, which we would not have had otherwise.

The return of the shark to Cape Cod and its repercussions

by Kaia Patterson '23

Cape Cod: The place where serenity meets the smell of a salty ocean, steamed clams, and... deadly sharks. The shark problem on Cape Cod, with typical sightings from coast to coast, has been an issue which may continue unresolved.

Pandemic life-lessons from Tolstoy

by Jackie Haining '22

Reading this story provided another perspective on my own expectations. While so many of us pitied ourselves for what we wouldn't be able to accomplish because of the coronavirus, we were mourning the wrong losses. Like the story of Ivan Ilyich, our lives can fly by with the pressure of grades and college applications, worries over our interests and future careers, social expectations and concerns over how we are perceived. All the while we do not sufficiently appreciate what makes it all tolerable, even worth-while: friendship.

A summer like no other brings a new perspective

by Tess Holland '23

Another factor I've had to accept is the lack of control. For the first time in my life I can't predict or plan very far in advance, which only amplifies how much I am missing my previous social life. Life has never been as unpredictable as it is now, but it has taught me to focus on the present and not focus on the "what if's."