On & Off Campus Blog: September Posts

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Joining the press at a Senator's press conference

Nicholas Kolbas '20

We began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone in the auditorium rose, reciting the words planted in their brains since elementary school. I stood between a row of my peers: two other members of the Vanguard editorial board and seven others representing the FemCo and Shades clubs, plus history teacher Matt Turnbull. The opportunity to join the press at Senator Susan Collins's press conference had taken me aback, as her name had constantly been appearing on the news about the upcoming vote to appoint Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. I signed up, eager to attend whether or not we students would have the chance to speak with her or even ask any questions...

Putting a human face on Primary Care at Children's Hospital

Jayanth Uppaluri '20

When I stepped into the Boston Children's Hospital division of Primary Care on my first day as a summer volunteer, I was about to drop dead out of fright.  This was after two sessions of orientation on rules, regulations, and procedure, each lasting two hours.  I had been lectured on such topics as escaping the hospital in a fire and dealing with chemical spills, but they had taught me nothing to do with the finer points of interacting with young children...

Norway's place in my hybrid background

Tessa Haining '19

Norwegian grocery stores, like the Meny near my grandmother's family's summerhouse south of Oslo, are surprisingly colorful endeavors. The bright red lettering on the sign for "Kjøtt" (meat) and the pleasing blue "Fisk" (fish) contrast with the vibrant green produce to create a whirlwind of color that almost makes up for the staggeringly high grocery bill. For the most part, Meny looks like any American grocery store, albeit neater and far more tastefully decorated; but an American visitor, Google Translate in tow, might stop short at the aisle along the wall. "Pålegg?" the visitor asks him or herself, reading the aisle's descriptor. "What does that mean?"...

Learning to be

By Lindsay Jernigan, Ph.D. '91

My days at BB&N were spent becoming. Like most adolescents, I was doing the hard work of discovering who I was. Adolescents look to their peers as a reference during this process. Who am I like? Who am I not like? Who do I want to emulate?...

Using Kanji in the service of a summer research project

Benjamin Gross-Loh '19

During the past vacation I embarked on a research project about an energy saving campaign in Japan called "Setsuden" that occurred during the summer following the March 11 earthquake and subsequent nuclear meltdown. This campaign resulted in an incredible reduction in energy usage—due in large part to individual voluntary efforts.