Middle School Geography Bee Puts Students on the Map

You have fifteen seconds to answer each of the following questions. Good luck.

- The Balkan Peninsula is part of which continent that borders the Mediterranean Sea? (Europe)
- The Strait of Malacca links the South China Sea to which ocean on its west? (Indian Ocean)

If you answered these questions correctly, you too might have had a chance at winning the annual Middle School Geography Bee.

Wednesday afternoon, 12 Middle Schoolers (and three intrepid sixth graders) matched wits in the Big Room, bolstered in their efforts by a supportive and excited crowd. Answering a variety of geography questions ranging from international locales to U.S. state capitals, and even critical thinking exercises, the students impressed through several rounds until only two were left standing.

Henry Kirk '24 and Gabrielle Martin '23 were all smiles after the Geo Bee.

When Henry Kirk ’24 named Sweden as the most populous country in Scandinavia, he narrowly defeated Gabrielle Martin ’23 in the finals, rendering him eligible to take a written test and qualify for the state finals of the National Geographic GeoBee, a country-wide competition.

The Geography Bee has been taking place at BB&N for over a decade now, and continues to be a student and faculty favorite.