Middle School Broadens Student Horizons with Global Gathering

Middle School students spent their last community time before winter break traveling the world from the confines of their own campus. With passports for stamping in hand, students chose from more than 15 different informational sessions held by Middle School faculty, learning all about different cultures—and having quite a bit of fun in the process!

A plethora of intriguing topics came to light under the expertise of faculty, including:

·      Science teacher Michael Ewins bringing students up to speed on British slang;

·      Math teacher Richard Chang dissecting the surprisingly political landscape of Korean pop music;

·      English teacher Nicole Kahn introducing Middle Schoolers to the wonderful, malodorous world of French cheeses;

·      Stephanie Moon highlighting the differences between Korean and American snacks.

The brainchild of English department head Rachel Jamison and world languages department head Lourdes Fernandez, the event was a raging success, and one that brought seventh, eighth graders, and faculty together in an appreciation of global customs.

“We’d been looking for a way to make community time more interactive for the students,” says Jamison. “And this was a really fun way to do it…the teachers were able to bring some great concepts to the sessions, pulling from their own cultures or expertise.”

Whether it was the sound of gazpacho being handmade in the kitchen, the shouts of students learning about rugby from the green outside, or students attempting to speak Italian, Arabic, or Irish Gaelic, the campus came alive. And with passports fully stamped, students headed to their cars and buses for one final trip after having travelled the world in one afternoon.

Click here for a photo gallery of the event.