Max Flanagan '18 Jumps Into Senior Spring Project

Max Flanagan, a senior at BB&N, is currently in his Senior Spring Project (SSP). Senior Spring Project is an opportunity for seniors to schedule their own time and pursue interests beyond the academic and extracurricular setting at BB&N. Max, like many other seniors, has chosen to schedule his time with a variety of different activities, including interning at a marketing company three times a week, taking two mini courses at BB&N: Black Mirror and Disney Analysis, and volunteering at the Animal Rescue League of Boston twice a week. So far, his time at the Animal Rescue League has been his favorite because it's fun, rewarding, and he loves to play with the cats.

Max also takes cooking classes with his friends and they practice cooking at their houses. In addition to cooking classes, Max is writing a food blog with his friend Lucy Lyman '18 about inexpensive food in the Boston area. So far, they have reviewed Bernard's in Newton and the Breakfast Club, a student favorite in Allston. In their blog, Max and Lucy review the food and discuss the changes these restaurants have made that stray from tradition. They explain that the Breakfast Club offers many options to suit different dietary restrictions and personal preferences, which differs from traditional heavy American breakfasts. Bernard's serves many dishes, like Chinese ribs, that are made with less sodium and baked instead of fried while still maintaining great flavor.

Max has been enjoying his free time and being able to hang out with friends, although with people on different schedules, he misses the structured schedule of regular school and "think[s] it's sad that you only see people you coordinate your SSP around." He is having a great experience so far, but does wish he choose more on-campus activities where he could see his friends and teachers more often. Max is looking forward to gaining experience through his internship and exploring new activities during SSP.

(Written by Jocelyn Wang '18.)