Kindergartners Visit MFA for Self-Portrait Study   

What makes you you? How do you translate that to a canvas? And, what does an art work say about the person creating it? In anticipation of their annual self-portrait project, BB&N kindergartners spent an afternoon this week exploring the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Students scurried from gallery to gallery drawing copies of art work and partaking in a scavenger hunt for famous portraits, ranging from the abstract, to the classic, and everywhere in-between. "We ask the students to think about specific questions as they take in the art," says kindergarten teacher Ben Goldhaber. "What materials were used in making this portrait? What is the first word that come to mind when you look at this picture? How does this portrait make you feel? Does it remind you of anything?"

Goldhaber notes that these seemingly simple questions really help the students connect to the art on a personal level, and drive home the power of the old adage: "seeing things through a child's eyes."  

In the coming weeks and months, the kindergarteners will study shapes, artistic mediums, and techniques to help process their MFA insights into self-portraits of their own. Most exciting of all, come December the Morse Building hallways will transform into a gallery of colors and energy as the students' work is exhibited.