Fourth Grade Thinks Forward with Renewable Energy Open House

A year-long exploration of nature, the environment, and energy burst to fruition before spring break when fourth graders hosted a renewable energy open house. Packed full of parents, teachers, and students, the Lower School Pokross Room became ground zero for innovative thinking in environmentally friendly energy options.

During an integrated study leading up to the event, teams of students were each assigned a renewable energy source—solar, wind, hydro, or fuel cell—to investigate. In social studies and language arts, students researched their energy source and reported their findings in notes and essays. In science, students built working models and learned how each form of energy works and how it is used.

In addition to working, scale-model wind turbines, hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels, and hydro facilities, this year also featured striking student art pieces inspired by nature; truly something for everyone, and a promise of renewable energy for the next generation.

Click here for a gallery of the event.