Fourth Grade Showcases Renewable Energy Study with Open House

As part of a year-long study of energy and the environment, BB&N fourth graders recently hosted an Energy Open House, showcasing their work this semester on renewable energy. During an integrated study, teams of five students were each assigned a renewable energy source—solar, wind, hydro, or fuel cell—to investigate. In social studies and language arts, students researched their energy source and reported their findings in notes and essays. In science, students built working models and learned how each form of energy works and how it is used. The Energy Open House was the students' chance to share their knowledge and experience with the broader BB&N community.

As part of the assignment, students also shared their thoughts and takeaways from the study.

Renewable energy is important because when fossil fuels run out we have a way to get energy. Also, renewable energies are clean and will never run out. We think that it is important to understand renewable energy because we now know that there are better and cleaner energies than fossil fuels. It's also important because we can tell more people about renewable energies and all that we learned about them.

- Charley and Emma

First, we chose either hydro, wind, solar, or fuel cell. Once we knew what energy we had and who was in our group we wrote down all of the things we wanted to do. As a group, we decided what we were going to take out and what was best for the time we had. Then we started to plan our project. By the third week we started to put our stuff together. Then we were ready for the open house! The purpose of all the steps was to lead up to point we are now—if we skipped steps we wouldn't know as much. If we skipped picking the renewable energy we would be clueless about all this stuff and could not have expanded our knowledge.   

- Sydney and Coco

I really liked building our fuel cell car and racing it against the other group. It was really fun because we kept pushing our car and trying to win the race.

 - Carl

My favorite part was getting to see our final project because we worked really hard on it and it was cool to see all of our hard work turn into a great project.

- Jonathan

My favorite part was when we made the board game, because we got to design it and make it ourselves.

 – Declan

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