Eighth Graders Tackles Big Questions at "Science Knight"

Hosting its annual “Science Knight,” the Middle School transformed into a chemistry symposium for one evening this spring. Parents, faculty, and students buzzed excitedly between eighth-graders’ booths which featured experiments and posters detailing diligently-researched information on a variety of subjects.

Using chemistry as a lens through which to explore questions about their world, BB&N eighth graders cherished the opportunity to share their findings with the community. The topics spanned from the fun, Is Gatorade Really Better than Water During Exercise?; to the serious, How Can Venoms be Used in Medicine?; and even to the otherworldly, Can Life Exist on Other Planets?

But among the colorful and carefully thought out projects, one theme in particular emerged: concern about addressing the planet’s struggling ecosystem. Titles such as How Can Terraforming Save Our Dying Planet?, How is Sunscreen Damaging Coral?, Are Rocks the Solution to Our Environmental Problems?, and Are Pesticides Worth the Risk? stood out as just a few of the many displays exploring healing the environment through creative, scientific methods.

The educational evening served as a reminder that answers can be found through hard work, and of course, that science can be fun!

Click here for a photo gallery of the event.