Eighth Graders Celebrate Closing in Drive-Thru Style

With music blaring, balloons and bubbles flying, and celebratory signs galore, BB&N’s eighth graders celebrated Middle School closing in a different (but no less dramatic) fashion this spring. More than 80 students processed through the driveway of 80 Sparks Street in creatively decorated cars to receive their just accolades and acknowledgements for a Middle School journey well traversed.

Social distancing and masks couldn’t detract from the spirit of the moment as Middle School Director Mary Dolbear, Head of School Jen Price, and a handful of other Middle School faculty and administrators cheered the eighth graders on as they wheeled through the drive. Families and students displayed their own spirit with paint, balloons, and streamers on their cars; some students poked triumphantly from sun roofs and windows, and even a few dogs joined in the fun!

“This is a day you’ll never forget, for many reasons!” joked Price through a window to one of the proud Class of 2024 students.

Dolbear was thrilled to be able to commemorate the moment, and noted how important it was to find a way to celebrate this milestone in the students’ BB&N careers.

“Our Middle School Closing Ceremony has always been a special gathering to celebrate our eighth graders,” she said. “The participatory Car Parade felt like the best next thing—a fun student-centered, lighthearted gathering; a crazy, silly event to remember. We have amazing students (and families) who deserved a fun and memorable end to this remarkable spring. Plan B had to be especially visual given all the regulations.”

For a taste of the action, click here for a photo gallery