Dr. Price Delivers Keynote Address at Creative Leadership Summit

On Wednesday, June 26, Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price delivered the keynote address to an auditorium full of educational leaders at the Creative Leadership Summit at the Boston Sheraton.

The summit is organized by Dr. Douglas Reeves P'22, the founder of Creative Leadership Solutions, a global research, consulting, and professional learning organization with internationally recognized partners who have worked in all 50 states in the U.S. and 25 other countries. The summit convenes educational leaders, practitioners, and policymakers to share experiences and best practices to address the question: "What are the best schools in the world doing to stay at the top in educational achievement?"

Dr. Price's keynote presentation was framed around the theme of: "The top 10 things I have learned about leadership over the last 20 years in the public and private school space." In a candid and freewheeling 90-minute session, Price shared her experiences in student-focused leadership at three different schools/districts. Her tips about relying on data as a cornerstone for driving change found particular resonance with the audience. Price projected a series of charts and graphs that showed how she leveraged data to identify learning gaps and then create community-wide buy-in for solutions.

Dr. Prices Top 10 Things I Have Learned About Leadership

  1. It's about the mortar, not the bricks
  2. Be visible
  3. Use an entry process
  4. Use data to drive change
  5. Run a good meeting
  6. Attract and retain the right people
  7. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is the key
  8. Trust is the foundation
  9. Transparent leadership matters
  10. Know your non-negotiable core values

A Google Slides file of Dr. Price's presentation can be found on the Creative Leadership Summit page hyperlinked in the first paragraph above.