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Ben Goldhaber Named Latest BB&N Faculty Instructorship Recipient

Congratulations to Lower School Kindergarten teacher Ben Goldhaber who has been named as the next recipient of the Marian W. Vaillant Future Leader Instructorship.

The Marian W. Vaillant Future Leader Instructorship was established in 2009 as part of the Opening Minds Campaign to honor the third Headmistress of The Buckingham School who served the school from 1935 to 1962. The three-year-long honor recognizes the special contributions that promising early and mid-career faculty have made to the School community, their academic accomplishments, and evidence of personal growth.

Ben was chosen as a fitting recipient of the instructorship for diligence and excellence in his craft, and for his daily adherence to the school motto—honor, scholarship and kindness. Ben joined the BB&N community as a Kindergarten teacher in 2008 and has been a distinguished contributor to the Morse Building curriculum, programs, and faculty since that time. Among comments about Ben shared by his colleagues are the following:

Ben gently guides, coaches, and teaches the students in a compassionate and extraordinary manner, helping them to be their best selves. He is one of the most thoughtful, caring, and gentle souls I know and is revered and loved by families, students, and colleagues.

Ben's curriculum is innovative, multidisciplinary, and developed in response to the students' interests.

Ben is a patient, humble, and kind educator. In a field dominated by women, Ben serves as an important role model for all of his kindergarten students. Not only is he knowledgeable of academic curriculum development and design for early elementary school students, he also has demonstrated a sincere commitment to the social and emotional growth of his students. He is a leader in the Morse Building and has a talent for bringing us together to strengthen our sense of community.

For the past few years, Ben has taken on some important leadership roles at the Lower School and is currently the Morse Building Cluster Coordinator. In this role, he leads cluster meetings with the warmth and sincerity that he brings to everything at BB&N. Ben is also the outdoor classroom organizer and caretaker. Each fall, he introduces this wonderful space to our community.

Mr. G exemplifies the kind of teacher that makes BB&N so special. He goes above and beyond not only for his students, but also for his colleagues. His work with kindergarteners focuses on creating a culture where kindness is not just spoken about, but put into action in authentic and tangible ways.

Former Marian W. Vaillant Future Leader Instructorship recipients include:

- Caitlin Drechsler, Lower School Science, 2009-2011

- Alda Farlow, Upper School English, 2012-2015

- Christa Crewdson, Middle School Drama, 2015-2018