Beginners North Explores BB&N History with The Sharing Project

Beginners teacher Dana Bentley provides an overview of a fun project the Beginners North students recently explored.

"What is sharing? What does it mean to share? How can you share of yourself? How do you share as a community?

"These are the questions that have shaped the project work of Beginners North over their first semester at BB&N. The framework of this project has offered the children spaces to establish their individual identities through sharing of themselves, and to solidify group identity through collaborative sharing experiences. With each "share," we became more connected through the diversities of our experiences, and the sharing in those diversities.

"As an element of our project, we realized that BB&N is a school with a story that would like to "share" as well. On a

wintry day in December we took a special trip through this story of our school. With the help of Bev Malone, Director of the Teacher Training Institute, and Rebecca T. Upham, Head of School, we studied artifacts, heard stories, and visited pieces of BB&N's history. Through this experience, the history of our school became part of our story, and the identities we are forming around being BB&N students."

Pictured (right): Bev Malone and Rebecca T. Upham; Malone is dressed in character as Ms. Jeanette Markham, founder of the Buckingham School in 1892.

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