BB&N Students Attend Round Square Virtual Conference

On January 29, six BB&N Upper School students attended the Round Square Virtual Conference hosted by Chittagong Grammar School in Bangladesh. Round Square is a network of two hundred schools in fifty countries dedicated to exchanging ideas and resources in order to foster global competence in future global leaders.

Student participants from around the world make meaningful connections with each other as they develop the skills to identify and solve some of the world's most complex problems. Through substantive programs, students learn the specifics of global challenges and come to understand that only through mutual cooperation can we create lasting solutions.

The theme of this year's conference was Climate Change, with a focus on what actions citizens can take now. Students listened to keynote speakers, attended barazzas, and generally had great fun while being energized to bring ideas and solutions back to their own communities.

James Sennette, Upper School world language teacher, was inspired to see students from the more than 100 schools present, and was especially inspired by BB&N students. "BB&N participants chose the idea of rising sea levels, and how resiliency efforts by the city of Boston and other coastal towns will hope to impact the coastline from further destruction. I was really impressed by the dynamism of the participants and how intricately they were able to not only diagnose local problems, but to also come up with solutions for the benefit of future generations."

Click the below photos to hear BB&N students Tess Holland '23, Daniel Wang '22, and Grace Lang '22 share their own experiences from the conference.