Almy and Middle School Libraries Host Author Zoom Bombs

The Almy Library and the Middle School libraries recently hosted two Author Zoom Bombs that were huge hits with the BB&N community. What's a Zoom Bomb, you might ask? Zoombombing is typically the disruption of a video conference or class—the 2020 version of showing up to a party you're not invited to.

The library team has turned Zoombombing into a positive, however, by letting BB&N students interact with authors, who are pushing the boundaries of traditional literature. 

"Middle School Library Director, Christina Dominique-Pierre, is the genius who thought of Author Zoom Bombs. She wanted to give students 30 minutes to connect with authors during remote learning last spring," explained Almy Library Co-Director Ms. Hoven. 

The first Zoom Bomb featured Latinx poet, José Olivarez. Olivarez read poems from his collection, Citizen Illegal. Olivarez is known for exploring the physical and mental spaces between Mexico and America and giving his readers a deeper understanding of what it means to be Latinx in America today. The Zoom Bomb was also a way for the BB&N community to recognize and celebrate Latinx Heritage Month.

Next up was historian, writer, and speaker, Sarah Prager. Prager is an advocate for queer history education, particularly for young people. Her writing explores the intersections of gender, politics, race, and sexuality through history. Prager read excerpts from Rainbow Revolutionaries and Queer There and Everywhere.

The Zoom Bombs are held during lunchtime on Wednesday and have been wildly popular, with over 60 people attending and many asking insightful questions of the authors. "Each Author Zoom Bomb is different, but there is one constant: an authentic and sincere exchange between the authors and the students," said Almy Library Co-Director, Ms. Duncan. "These Zoom bombs are little breaks in the day when students and authors explore a variety of topics which include the writing process, race, identity, community, and what connects us all."

The next Zoom Bomb will take place on November 4th and will feature Creative Writing teacher, Jennifer De Leon.