Professional Arborists Visit Lower School

Preparing their climbing gear at the base of a towering pine tree on BB&N’s Lower School, arborists Remy Lee and Josh Snyder encountered something unusual in their field of work: a cheering section.

“Climb that tree! Climb that tree!” The robust chants of BB&N’s excited second graders echoed across the campus as Snyder began his roped ascent. And Lee, manning the ropes from below, could only shake his head and smile.

“It’s such a gratifying experience to share what we do,” Lee noted, acknowledging how much more fun their job is when being rooted on by enthusiastic Lower Schoolers.

Lee and Snyder make up Ravenwood Tree Service out of Dover, MA, and on a sunny morning this March, the two licensed arborists were guests in Carol Fine’s second grade science class.  

“As part of our tree study, Remy and Josh visited our classroom to talk about their jobs,” says Fine. “Talking about how they help trees, and giving a demonstration was a really exciting opportunity for the students.”

Discussing pruning, removal, and general tree health, the visit provided expert insight into the students’ study of trees.

In addition to aiding Fine’s science curriculum, the visit also tied into a general study of “work and occupations” the students are beginning in their homerooms. Other visitors with different careers will be featured later this spring, but it could be tough to top the arborists whose 60-plus foot climb (with a hawk circling nearby!) infused some legitimate excitement into the day.

As Lee noted from personal experience: “It’s pretty amazing to realize you can climb trees for a living.” Judging from the cheers, that’s a sentiment most of the second graders heartily agreed with.