Fifth Grade Celebration of History and Ancestry

Talking about a big sisters, a grandparents, and other family members, BB&N fifth graders brought a touch of their own history to the Lower School community before winter break in a Celebration of Ancestry and Traditions assembly.

With a photo and brief biography of their chosen subject on a large screen behind them, each student presented about a family member who contributed to their history and traditions.

"The true meaning of the assembly is about ancestry," noted Lower School Director Anthony Reppucci. "We all enjoyed watching our fifth graders find new and exciting ways to celebrate their complex and beautiful family ancestries and traditions."

Whether learning about a great-grandfather who was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart in World War II, or hearing about a grandmother whose nursing career saw her save multiple newborn children, the sharing of family history was a beautiful way to celebrate community and bring students closer together through an understanding of the past.