Latest News from BB&N

BB&N Hosts Primary Source Conference

On Saturday, April 7, the BB&N Global Education Program hosted the Primary Source conference "Teaching Social Justice in the World Language Classroom," welcoming more than eighty educators from metro-area public and independent schools to the Upper School campus.

BB&N Singers Belt One Out at Fenway

Overcoming a 38-degree game-time temperature, both the Red Sox and the BB&N Chorale warmed up and delivered rousing performances to the delight of bundled fans at Fenway Park on April 8.

Middle School Launches Interfaith Pilot Initiative

A rabbi, a reverend, and an Islamic educator walk into may sound like a bad joke, but when those exact circumstance came to pass in the Middle School Big Room this February, the punchline was an enlightening exploration of faith.

Raptors Visit the Middle School

Four birds of prey –a Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl, Red Tailed Hawk, and a Turkey Vulture –visited the Middle School this week during Community Time.

Lower School Students Get the "Drop" on Science

Last weekend's Family Science Saturday event offered Lower School students a chance to settle one science's most ferocious rivalries, gravity versus the chicken egg. Students were tasked to build a device that would protect a raw chicken egg when dropped from the second story of the Upper School's Renaissance Hall, the goal being to build the lightest, successful contraption.