uKnighted Arts Festival

“The uKnighted Arts Festival” is Proud to Present:
Five Nights of Art and Entertainment

Over the last 8 weeks, the talented and dedicated students of BB&N continued to create work to be enjoyed by the whole community. Whether in their living rooms, bedrooms, basements or backyards, these students continued to explore the creative arts under the guidance of our committed faculty.

All of the shows will be presented online from May 26-30.


2020 Senior Show- ‘To Zoom and Beyond!’
May 29, 7:30 p.m. - A made for online event.

Click here to watch the show!

Four Directors and seventeen actors have crafted a show that is a thoughtful counterpoint to our unsettled state of affairs. Using published works and pieces of their own invention, the students explore this odd new world. From amusing observation to heartfelt reflection, it’s a dramatic end to our Seniors' last week as members of the BB&N Class of 2020.

2020 Spring Production - “BOB: A Life in Five Acts”
May 26-30, 4.30pm, Zoom Live Performance!
Follow Bob's life Tuesday to Saturday. 
Every night is a new episode charting the adventures of our hero Bob!

Born into the fluorescent glow of a White Castle ladies' room, Bob is destined to become a "Great Man." From busy highway rest stops to exorbitant desert mansions, Bob energetically pursues his destiny across the American landscape and meets a myriad of unconventional countrymen along the way. As Bob's unfailing optimism leads him through a treacherous pursuit of happiness, he encounters inspiring generosity, crushing heartaches, blissful happiness, and stunning coincidences that help him discover what it means to be truly "great." An ensemble of 5 actors (having fashioned costumes and props for their characters from what they could find at home) bring to life all the many characters that Bob encounters on his journey

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Password: 436387
Webinar ID: 980 2963 4219


Instead of ticket charges, donations to the uKnighted CommunityFund are greatly appreciated.