Our lower school drama program engages our 5th and 6th grade students in improvisation work, small group scenes and monologue work, as well as performance opportunities. Students learn to create characters, and dialogues in both small and large groups. Learning to analyze scenes and scenarios, and make connections to real life are all a part of the importance of theater for our brick building students. Our students have the opportunity to explore their creativity as well as develop their skills in observation, attention, imagination, physical expression, emotional awareness, interpersonal awareness, and narrative ability. The program also aims to stimulate and challenge those students already familiar with some aspects of theater. Emphasis is on the cooperative process of creating and working toward a goal. The 5th grade performs a one act play by homeroom, while the 6th grade participates in a full length musical with singing, dancing, costumes, lighting and special effects.

6th Grade Musical 2019

Madagascar Jr.

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