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The BB&N Outing Club
Sandy Wagner

I thought some people at BB&N would like to hear the story of the first outings of what is now called the BB&N Outing Club. In 1964, Tom Kensler '66 and Ed Minot '66 invited me, a B&N math and science teacher, to go on a winter hike with them. During the preparations I realized that my qualification for this trip was only one: having a car!

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My Little Monster
Spencer Solit ’19

Sitting down to start always challenges my willpower, though once I get rolling hours can fly by. Most days when I enter my house, I pause at the threshold, searching for determination to begin immediately. Pushing open the door, I smile at the molted black and grey dog that wags his tail exactly one pace outside the range of a wooden barrier's swing.

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An unexpected lesson about the pain of keeping silent
Anna Garrity ’19

"Just keep to yourself tonight, even if you don't want to," my dad said to me as he dropped me at the doors of the church basement for my usual Monday night Confirmation class. Cringing as the raw weather bit me, I walked through the doors and over to my usual seat next to my friend Colleen. We giggled at the cute boy behind us until a heavy-set, gray haired woman walked down the aisle separating onto the front stage.

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What it means to be part of a team
Alfie Rudnick ‘19

I am not good at hockey. In fact, I suck at hockey. I also suck at skating. And shooting. Yet this hockey season has been the most fun I have had in a long time. Yes, the "hockey" part is fun, but so is everything that comes with the hockey too. Both on and off the ice, the genuine camaraderie on our team has been unlike anything I have experienced.

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