Ways to Volunteer

BB&N needs you! Whether you recently graduated, retired, or are at any life stage in between, there's a way for you to share your time and talents with the BB&N community.

  • Host an event
  • Join a committee
  • Ask for advice and support
  • Offer advice and expertise
  • Write a blog post

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Alumni/ae Volunteer Opportunities

Regional & Affinity Networks

Help Alumni/ae Programs bring together BB&N alumni/ae in your area for social interaction, intellectual engagement, community service, and professional development & networking activities.

  • Serve on a host committee for an event and recruit additional hosts
  • Promote events and activities via social media and email
  • Lead/co-lead an affinity network
  • Serve as a contact point for BB&N newcomers to the region
  • Recommend regional and affinity programs

Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per month, varied by activity and involvement

Reunion Activities

If you stay in contact with a wide range of BB&N classmates or would like to reach out, put those connections to work on behalf of the school and serve as a volunteer leader for your class.

Reunion volunteers communicate with classmates and generate enthusiasm for attendance as well as working with the BB&N Fund to achieve reunion class participation goals

Estimated time commitment: 2+ hours per month, busiest during deadlines and months before reunions

Class Ambassador

Class Ambassador are BB&N’s volunteer communications and marketing force, responsible for connecting with classmates, encouraging classmates to stay connected with the school and each other, and gathering news for the Class Notes section of the Bulletin, BB&N’s alumni/ae magazine, which is published three times a year.

If a class has an active social media or web page, the Class Ambassador should check regularly for news and confirm its accuracy. Class Ambassadors who are so inclined may also support BB&N by “liking,” commenting, and/or sharing posts on BB&N’s social media, contributing posts, promoting alumni/ae events to classmates, and sharing personal and professional information updates about classmates (moves, new jobs, address changes, weddings, babies, etc.) with Alumni/ae Programs.

Resources for Class Ambassador include the online BB&N Alumni/ae Directory, BB&N’s social media, and class contact lists upon request.

Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per month, varied by publication deadlines

The BB&N Fund

Partner with the BB&N Fund team in support of the school's culture of philanthropy. Help us raise funds for financial aid, faculty support, classroom resources and technology, athletics and arts facilities, and more.

  • Reach out to classmates during BB&N Fund giving challenges
  • Write thank you notes to donors
  • Join your Reunion Committee as a class gift volunteer

Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours a month, varied by project

Alumni/ae Council

The BB&N Alumni/ae Council is BB&N's alumni/ae volunteer leadership body. It consists of a geographically, individually, and professionally diverse representative group of alumni/ae leaders committed to increasing alumni/ae engagement and participation, strengthening the alumni/ae network, and supporting the school’s strategic goals and priorities.

The Council meets 2-3 times a year by online meeting, and in committees on an ad-hoc or project basis. On campus meetings may be hosted in conjunction with a signature school event.

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hour per month, varied by events and projects

BB&N Parents Association

The Parents Association welcomes volunteers throughout the year, in particular for Circus, the Lower School family festival which takes place every May.

To volunteer for the 2019 Circus on May 4, please contact Melody Mak-Jurkauskas P'30 

For additional information, visit the Parents Association Volunteer Opportunities web page


BB&N Switchboard

BB&N Switchboard connects members of the BB&N community around the world virtually. Sometimes described as "Craigslist meets LinkedIn," Switchboard invites alumni/ae to ASK for something or OFFER something in a trusted network.

The strength of the BB&N Switchboard lies in active participation and interaction through posts and responses. Join now and ask for help or information, or offer up advice or an opportunity.

Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per month, depending on participation

On & Off Campus (the BB&N Blog)

Submit a post on any topic of interest to the On & Off Campus blog. Generally posts of 300-700 words are standard, although longer submissions may be considered under exceptional circumstances.

For more information, visit the blog web page