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The Switchboard is a platform - a virtual village square - that connects members of the BB&N community no matter where you are or what interests you. Sometimes described as "Craigslist meets LinkedIn," Switchboard allows Knights to demonstrate kindness, support each other, and network in a trusted space.

You may be looking for or ready to share something tangible or intangible. Post topics could include grad school or career advice, summer house rentals, job shadowing, events in your region, internships, kids' used bikes for sale, travel recommendations, book or hobby group meetings, and pretty much anything else you can think of...

It's important to note that Switchboard is NOT an advertising space. If you want to promote your business, your book, or something similarly commercial, this is not the appropriate forum. If you have some useful professional insight, need or can share advice about publishing a book or starting a business, know of an interesting free workshop, want to sell a one-off item, or seek suggestions of vendors or service providers like a web designer, dog walker, or babysitter, this is the place to post!

Switchboard FAQs

Why should I sign up?

Perhaps you know one of those go-to people in life who are great at connecting the dots, making introductions, recommending the best restaurant or yoga studio in town, and hearing about new opportunities. Perhaps you don't. Maybe you ARE one of those people.

You might have an existing professional and personal network of family and friends or you may be hoping to create one. You could be well advanced in your career and want to give back or you may be starting out and looking for direction and guidance from people you know you can trust.

Whatever your particular situation, the BB&N Switchboard exists to foster a virtual community for people who want to interact and encourages what otherwise might be accidental or serendipitous connections in real life to blossom and thrive.

LinkedIn can be a good tool for professional networking, particularly if a user knows who and what to look for and is comfortable contacting individuals or posting content. Other social media sites may invite segmented or passive interaction, which some in the community may find useful but won't cover all the bases. Directories, although generally helpful, can also become out of date and inaccurate unless members have good reasons to update their information.

Switchboard fills in the gaps that aren't covered by these other resources. Its informality and straightforward functionality, to ASK and to OFFER, makes the user experience simple and not too intimidating. The values of the BB&N community - lifelong learning, inclusion and respect, high expectations, kindness, and widespread, authentic connections - feed directly into the action-oriented, supportive purpose of the platform.

The more members of the community who sign up and participate, the stronger and more robust it will be. Posting an ask or an offer may lead you in directions and establish connections you never expected.

How do I sign up?

It's about as easy as anything you have ever done online. Go to the BB&N Switchboard and let the site walk you through the process. It will take just a few minutes and you'll be ready to go immediately.

How do I post something?

It's pretty simple - all you have to do is go to the site and click on ASK or OFFER. The interface is user-friendly and prompts are built into the fields as you progress through them. For details, visit Switchboard's tutorial page How to Post

The most effective posts on Switchboard are those that invite you to take some sort of action. Usually they invite people to do things like:

  • share advice or resources
  • meet for coffee
  • introduce you to someone
  • hire someone
  • apply for a position
  • help someone with a task
  • collaborate on a project

Try to be specific, concise, and clear in your title and post - something like "Film production internship available in NYC" or "Young alumna seeks advice on MBA programs" will prompt more responses than something general like, "New York internship available" or "Looking for grad school advice."

If there's a deadline or time limit to the ask/offer in the post, be sure to provide enough time for people to see it and respond. When the deadline has passed, please close the post.

What are other helpful tips as I get started?

Switchboard offers a comprehensive set ofFrequently Asked Questions to help you better navigate the platform and get the most out of it.