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Role Models since Bivouac
Role Models since Bivouac
Marie Quintanar '21


Since the shaky post-Bivouac days, I have found myself befriending upperclassmen. Whether it was staying close with my BB&N student tour guide, or meeting others through rowing or the winter musical, I have built more friendships with older students than I had realized.

It was in my sophomore year that I noticed that many of my closest friends were juniors. In middle school, I hadn't had friends outside of my grade, let alone older students who accepted me as one of them. I found that my sophomore year was filled my junior friend's advice on every topic possible; whether it was an unfamiliar teacher or subject, how to tackle the sophomore debates, or even how to drive properly.

When I became a junior, and these friends became seniors, the college buzz became a cacophony. I began to learn about the fine details, timely tips, and overall stress that is the college process. I'd never expected to be offering my opinions on supplement essays, figuring out what exactly a "pre screening" is, or learning all I could possibly know about sports recruiting. Watching my friends finalizing their visions of their post-graduation lives was fascinating. I learned firsthand of the varied, possible paths that one can take after BB&N.

In addition to having a detailed walk-through of the college process, I witnessed my friends becoming the School's leaders. I was proud to have my friends as my sport's captains, and watched them lead our teams to victories, even as they navigated college recruiting. In the arts, I cheered them on as they secured the play's lead roles, were chosen as soloists in Chorale, and performed the "Senior Quintet" at Homecoming. Even in school politics, I enjoyed seeing my friends be voted School Presidents or Color Wars Captains.

By watching my friends fill these roles once occupied by older students, I recognized that my classmates and I would soon fill the shoes of my matriculating friends. Designations as "future senior editor" of the Mouthguard, or being tasked with the job of "recruiting" the incoming freshmen to pass on the legacy of a club or a sports team, I have become excited to briefly hold the torch as a senior between those who will graduate before me and those who next will become the leaders of BB&N.