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Music, my love
Music, my love
by Beyoncé Hector '23

What music does for me is something that I simply cannot explain in just a few words. It’s ice flowing through your veins on a hot summer day. It’s something you crave, something you need. Have you ever felt the same way?

I feel every beat. I hear every emotion. Music makes me feel alive. After a long day, music reminds me of what life still has yet to bring: tragedy, pure happiness, love, heartbreak, and endless nights. The things that you live for and the things that you dread. The lyrics paint a story in your head, whether it’s familiar or not. You hear the artist’s pain, their happiness, their overall emotions through the power of each word. Music is like poetry that you move to but, instead of reading, you listen.

You listen into what the artist has to say--regardless of what you might think, everybody has something to say. My fondest memories are of my cousin and me riding through the night with the windows down and the volume turned up. Wind blowing through my hair and us singing at the tippity top of our lungs without a care. It’s honestly the most I’ve ever felt present, maybe even the most I’ve felt still. Funny, isn’t it?

That was the moment I chose to continue my path of understanding music. From the construction of it, to the few minor details that bring it all together. This art is what some people dedicate their lives to--making others feel alive. That’s the beauty of music; how a piece of music can be the artist diving so deep into their emotions. The least I can do is return the favor and appreciate it as deeply.

Music is a break from the world, an escape. Most people play it in the shower, singing and annoying their family, but even though they may not hit the right notes, the songs are essential. Music brightens up a day or maybe can be the breaking point to a horrible day. Whatever you need it for, it’s there. Music is a shoulder you can lean on to pour all your emotions into, no judgement, no questions asked. You can utterly be yourself with no shame.

Everybody needs music in their lives, whether they notice it or not. Music does so many things for me, and sometimes pressing “play” is the best thing I can do for myself. Music unites people of all different backgrounds. No matter who you are, through music you know someone in the world has felt the same exact feelings as you have. Music lets you know you are not alone.

Make time for music in your life. Let music do what it does for me. Let it make you feel alive.