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Explore something new, stat!
Explore something new, stat!
Darius Sinha '24

"What do we do, doctors?!" What to do, what to do... Give a medication? An oxygen mask? MRI?

Over the summer I took a virtual course at Harvard Medical School designed to introduce high school students to the world of medicine. Human sciences have fascinated me since I was young and the course offered me a way to try out emergency medicine in a low-stakes environment with actors for patients.

Since my parents are scientists and my grandfather is a doctor, I was immersed in the science fields from a young age. Even though I don't know exactly what I want to do as a career, exploring different options during high school offers me a chance to see what I'm interested in and could possibly pursue later.

In order to really expose myself to different opportunities, I have had to push myself outside of my comfort zone. That has meant exploring different classes (such as physics and computer science) and participating in different clubs (like Model UN and Robotics).

I also utilize creative class projects to try out different things. For example, in my freshman English project last year, we had to creatively represent a scene from "Romeo and Juliet." I chose the scene where Juliet is on a balcony and Romeo is standing on the ground looking back up at her. I challenged myself by designing a diorama utilizing electronics to create a starry-night sky, as well as to light up the buildings next to them. Going through the project I was able to push myself and create something I'd never done before.

Now that we are thankfully back to in-person learning, I'm looking forward to continuing to expand my horizons and find more things I am interested in. Pushing oneself outside of your comfort zone may be scary sometimes, but it results in a better understanding of who you are and what your future might be.