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Learning from dishonesty
Tessa Haining '19

As I ran upstairs, that feeling of dishonesty flooded through me. I was angry, and scared, and couldn’t face my parents with the truth of my getting into, quite literally, yet another scrape. Had I been two years younger, I would have sulked until the incident was forgotten, but with graduation from high school on the horizon, I couldn’t leave my parents and me at odds. And what’s more, I was tired of being too angry at myself to act responsibly.

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Sorry summer, spring is still the best time of year
Dylan Saunders '21

Each season has an extensive list of pros and cons from weather to sports to school (or lack thereof). During summer we enjoy warmth, beach days, and a break from school. Fall brings pretty foliage, football, Thanksgiving, and a new school year. And winter includes snow days, basketball, and holidays. With this said, spring beats all of these seasons by a wide margin.

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