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Setting our Children up for Emotional Success, Part 1

We’re in the thick of it now. Gone, for many of us, are the wistful thoughts of Summer being just yesterday. Here, for all of us, are the late-Fall familiarities: chilly air, dark mornings and even darker dinners, the occasional viruses, and all that holiday buzz. We also now probably share a deep sense of being fully entrenched in the school-year routine.

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Role Models since Bivouac
Marie Quintanar '21

In addition to having a detailed walk-through of the college process, I witnessed my friends becoming the School’s leaders. I was proud to have my friends as my sport’s captains, and watched them lead our teams to victories, even as they navigated college recruiting. In the arts, I cheered them on as they secured the play’s lead roles, were chosen as soloists in Chorale, and performed the “Senior Quintet” at Homecoming.

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Vegetarians can be People Too!
Jayanth Uppaluri '20

For the 17 years that I’ve been alive, I’ve never eaten anything that was alive (as far as I know). Much like some people refuse to eat fish or cheese (choices that aren’t questioned), I refuse to eat meat. It’s how I was raised, but it still manages to inspire wonder, incredulity, and sometimes even fear in the hearts of meat-eaters.

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