US Student Admissions Board

Prospective families visiting BB&N have a wonderful opportunity to view the enthusiasm and energy flowing through the hallways. A palpable sense of community exists here, and students, parents, and faculty are proud to share their experience with future students. From helping with Open House in the fall to staffing Re-Visit Days in the spring, BB&N relies on its dedicated students and parents to communicate the values of the school to prospective families.

The Upper School admission tour guides number close to 200 - nearly half the student body. Led by the Student Admission Board (SAB), the members are eager to connect with prospective students and their families.

It is a testament to their passion for BB&N that our tour guides are not only willing, but consider it an honor, to carve out time from their busy schedules to tour students who are considering BB&N. The tours offer a chance to peek into classrooms and see the arts and athletic facilities, but most importantly to feel the palpable energy and witness first-hand the messy vitality that make up the BB&N experience. The opportunity to interact with a student and learn about BB&N from their perspective is often the most powerful and authentic aspect of a campus visit.

Read on to meet students from our SAB (Student Admission Board)!

The Student Admission Board (SAB) regularly take over the school Instagram to offer an even closer look into life at BB&N. Be sure to follow @bbnadmissions as well as @bbnschool to keep up with what is happening on campus!