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Wellness Gathering Recap for January 2019
Wellness Gathering Recap for January 2019
Happy New Year wishes to everyone!
Stefanie (Counselor) and Jamie (Learning Specialist) welcomed the chance to hear from parents how Semester 1 has gone and hopes for Semester 2.
Parents shared aspects of transitioning to the Middle School and looking toward the Upper School. There was consensus that the middle school focus on helping students learn to speak with adults other than themselves (e.g. teachers, counselor, learning specialists, coaches, etc.) was very appreciated. Families wondered about transitions to the 9th grade at the Upper School. A reminder that there will be events for kids and families in the spring with Upper School faculty and staff.
We explored how to make the most out of Semester 1 feedback. The focus should be on the narrative in the teacher's comments over the grade itself. The learning comes from the context of the learning experience and not just the outcome (aka the grade). Kids need to be supported to look beyond and deeper than just a grade which can reinforce black/white thinking of smart/not smart which is not the growth mindset the school supports. In fact, kids just discussed growth mindset in the past weeks in homeroom. Here is one video that was referenced. And growth mindset is a message worth starting young - check out this Sesame Street video.
Jamie talked through a simple strategy to help make the most out of Semester 1 comments. Draw a T-bar with goals/areas of growth on one side and action steps on the other. Go through the comments and note areas of success and growth and brainstorm for action steps what to continue and what to start. An example was speak more in class and try to ask a question once a week.
I wish everyone a Semester 2 with many opportunities to try, fail (aka "First Attempt In Learning"), absorb and to keep growing.
P.S. Please mark your calendars for upcoming Wellness Gatherings in the Library Learning Commons on Tuesday mornings from 8:15 - 9:00am on:
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