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Wellness Gathering Recap for February 2019
Wellness Gathering Recap for February 2019


For our February 12th monthly Wellness Gathering, we welcomed another of our "behind-the-scenes" specialists, Bill Castell, Academic Technology Leader. Bill answered questions about how technology is integrated into the curriculum and also answered some parents questions about technology use at home and some suggestions.

The topic of cellphones at home came up and Bill recommended the following resources for families to check out:
--A sample cellphone contract for families with their kids
--A larger explanation of potential benefits of contracts by Commonsense Media, which is one of the primary resources many schools, BB&N included, use as a resource.

We wrapped up with a tour of the Maker Space—a creative space where kids can come and invent and classes can incorporate even more hands-on tech into projects. If you're interested in checking out the Maker Space or have any other questions, you can contact Bill at

We realize that these Tuesday morning, monthly gatherings may not be possible for everyone to attend. You can read summaries of past Wellness Gatherings this academic year here.

Please mark your calendars for upcoming Wellness Gatherings in the Library Learning Commons (LLC) on Tuesday mornings from 8:15 - 9:00am on:
--March 12
--April 9
--May 28

Do join us for one of our monthly Wellness Gatherings. It's "well" worth it!


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