World Languages

The study of Spanish starts from Beginners through Grade 3, after which time students elect to take French or continue with Spanish studies through Grade 6. The Lower School program is developed with age-appropriate activities, games, and songs that foster a love for language and build vocabulary necessary for basic conversation. The emphasis is on oral and aural comprehension and instruction, with attention to developing the listening, communication, and comprehension skills. In Grades 4, 5, and 6, instruction is based on the National Standards for Foreign Language, supplemented by differentiated methods and materials, traditional music, art, games, and poetry from Spain and the Americas, which create a comprehensive program and well-rounded global citizens.

The study of French begins in Grade 4. The main goal is to develop students’ basic vocabulary and knowledge of idiomatic expressions. The program concentrates on three basic language skills: speaking, listening and understanding. Although the emphasis is on oral (conversational) instruction, the children also practice writing French words and complete crossword puzzles and other written exercises. Various authentic resources are accompanied by listening comprehension and conversational exercises.

Lower School Calendar