International Travel Program

Each year, the Global Education Program sponsors international travel opportunities as a way for students and faculty to gain an appreciation of other cultures, practice foreign languages, and learn about current issues facing local peoples - all while challenging comfort zones and embracing a greater sense of global awareness and interconnectedness.

These faculty-led trips may vary in length and nature from year to year, and some are part of established school exchange programs. These trips take place during the School’s two-week break in March and in the summer.

We are proud to be able to offer financial assistance for trips to families currently receiving aid for tuition.

For more information about opportunities abroad or financial assistance please contact Director of Global Education Dr. Karina J. Baum at

2019-20 Trip Opportunities:

Upper School
- Russian Exchange: Russia
- Arabic program: Oman-Dubai
- Science: Galapagos
- Latin program: Greece
- Community Engagement: Puerto Rico

Middle School
- Greece

Student Testimonials

“The trip changed my ideas about civic responsibility and the desire to help others and the environment. Going to the science facilities gave me insight into how scientists are trying to improve the environment and the world's health.” -Science (Switzerland)

“I have benefited from this experience by making new friendships and pushing myself to try new things” -France

“I think it is important to learn how to accept other cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. I think going to new places and experiencing new things is very beneficial to me as both a student and a person.” -Greece

“This trip made me so much more aware of the different cultures in the world and made me want to participate in them” -Spain


2018-19 Trip Reflections

Upper School

Middle School