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This time of year is always so fascinating at BB&N. I’ve long considered February and early March as the stretch of the school calendar in which classrooms across all three campuses reach peak, full-throttle horsepower. The beckoning of Spring Break a few days from now is a motivating force, for sure. At the Upper School, seniors are balancing the excitement of receiving college news, and supporting each other through that nerve-wracking process, with the nose-to-grindstone process of completing their final days in BB&N classrooms with a flourish. It’s also during this time of year that our three Admission Offices enter the final throes of deciding the next 160 or so outstanding girls and boys who will be invited to join our community this fall. It’s an exhilarating though difficult task for our admission team.
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In this, my 15th Thanksgiving season at BB&N, I am able to say confidently that not a single day here has ever come and gone in which I have not been presented with manifold, wide-ranging reasons to be grateful. This year is no exception.

I am pleased to be able to update you on a couple of very important initiatives. The first is a project much on the minds of many of us here at school—the renovation of our Middle School facility at 80 Sparks Street. I shared the latest news with our Middle School families yesterday (click here to read that letter).

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Dear Middle School Community,

We have a date! I am pleased to write you today with an exciting update about the renovation of the Middle School 80 Sparks Street facility.

After our most recent meeting with the project managers late last week, we can now establish that the “move back in” date for our students and teachers will be Wednesday, January 27.

I know you’ve been following this project with great interest and while January 27 isn’t the date we’d most hoped for, it’s pretty darn close. I’m particularly pleased to be on track to hit the 1/27 date since it marks a natural transition point in the Middle School academic calendar—the break between fall and spring semesters.

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