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Welcome to Summer Camp 2019!

Its our Birthday, its our Birthday! We are 70 years old this coming summer!! We know that 2018 Rocked but 2019 is going to be even better! Ryan, Janine, Laurel, and Cristina and I are hard at work trying to outdo ourselves for this coming year! We have already modified our grades for Classic Camps so that we can offer more specific programming for each group. Don't worry, we wont change the stuff that is already awesome... WOW Wednesdays, Theme Thursdays, and Fun Fridays will be back of course! Check out our updated website with new programs and camps for 2019!

Really cool and really new this year... BUSES!!! NEW POOLS (now off-site) with diving boards!!! Advanced Rowing Program! And Water Sports on the turf with Inflatable water slides!! Just to name a few... check it out and let me know what you think. 

All of our Managers will be on campus continuing to bring the best of BBN to you this summer (thanks to Laurel, Ryan and Janine!) as well our returning nurse, Robyn, and our anchor for everything.... Cristina. I also tapped a few of our finest staff to take a step up this year and take on some leadership roles to provide focus and attention on our Activities (Emma Keller), Aquatics (Amel Younis), Buses/Transportation (Antoinette Cozier) and LITs (Abby DeMagistris). Our camp continues to grow but we are grounded and dedicated to continue to provide the same great summer camp experiences that we have done for past 70 Years!!!! We are doing what we love and we cannot wait for all our campers to arrive on campus in June. In the meantime.... think summer!

Colleen O'Connor, Director of Extended Year Programs

Leadership Team


Colleen O'Connor

Director of Extended Year Programs

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Cristina DeFabritiis

Office Manager

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Robyn Howard

Nurse Practitioner

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Laurel Grady

Kiddie Camp &

Aquatics Coordinator

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Ryan McCarthy

Junior Camp


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Janine Cozier

Senior, Teen & Specialty

Camp Coordinator

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Program Leaders

Emma Keller

Program Lead: Activities

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Amel Younis

Program Lead: Lifeguards

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Antoinette Cozier

Program Lead: Transportation

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Abby DeMagistris

Program Lead: LIT

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