Health Services FAQs

What paperwork does BB&N require?

Each summer, parents are required to fill out the following important school forms. Parents are asked to update all of their information online, rather than having to enter it repeatedly on paper forms. Our forms include:

  1. Family Information Form
  2. Health History Form
  3. Pre-Participation Form and Concussion Training Course (Grades 6-12 Only)
  4. Grandparent Form
  5. Laptop Computing Info (Grades 6-12 Only)
  6. COPPA Release Form (Grades 3-7 Only)

The first three forms are required by the School in order for students to participate in any BB&N activity at the start of the coming school year.

Online forms are accessed logging into and clicking the link in the middle of the page for “School Forms.”

Important note about health records:

Although the BB&N health history form is filled out online by parents, we still must receive the following two physician forms on paper for each student:

  1. Verification of an annual physical exam
  2. Up-to-date immunization record

BB&N does not have a physical exam or immunization form for your child’s physician to fill out. We accept their office print-out.

To facilitate the process of receiving these necessary records, please be sure to contact your child's primary care provider as soon as possible and request an appointment for their annual physical examination well in advance of the child's one-year anniversary date.

Visit our Health Forms page for more detailed information.

How often do I have to submit a Physical Exam?

Student physical exams are valid for one year from the date of the previous exam. It is required that an updated physical exam form be submitted at the time of the annual exam in order for the student to continue participation in BB&N activities.

What immunizations are required?

Please click here to download a PDF that describes immunization requirements for all students attending BB&N during the 2017-18 year. New students will need to provide a full immunization history. Returning students need only to update their immunization history. (Parents, pay special attention to students entering Kindergarten and Grade 7, as these are checkpoints in a student's career where the requirements may change.)

How do I submit these forms?

To submit the Physical Exam and Immunization Record, please:

email scans to:

or, fax to: 617-649-8045

or, mail to: BB&N Health Services, 80 Gerry's Landing Road, Cambridge MA 02138

What are BB&N's policies regarding concussions, medications, sports clearance, etc.?

Visit our Health Policies page for more detailed information on BB&N's various policies.

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