Health Services

Director of Student Support Services
Kimberly Gold
office: 617-800-2227
fax: 617-649-8045

Lead Nurse, Middle School Nurse
Joanna Yandle
office: 617-800-2295
fax: 617-649-8045
Lower School Nurse
Judith Koeckhoven
office: 617-800-2488
fax: 617-649-8045
Upper School Nurse
Kelly Wulff ’09
office: 617-800-2195
fax: 617-649-8045

Philosophy of BB&N Health Services

In order to fully comprehend this philosophy statement, there are a few underlying principles which must be defined. First, that the concept that health is more than the absence of illness or injury. Health is a dynamic, ever-changing state that can be characterized by levels of physical, emotional, and social wellness. Second, that health is something that can be experienced by a community as well as an individual. Third, that the promotion of health and health related activities is one of the core functions of a socially responsible school program. Fourth, that health promotion is a shared responsibility. It takes an entire community to maintain and enhance the health of its collective self as well the health of its individual members. Finally, that enhanced health will improve developmental achievement

The BB&N school health professionals believe that the health of a child has a direct impact on his /her educational experience. Whether it is academic, emotional, social, athletic or artistic, all children deserve the opportunity to pursue the highest level of health possible. We endeavor to create a coordinated school health program designed to meet the complex physiological, psychological, developmental, socio-cultural and cognitive needs of the children of the BB&N community.

The BB&N school nurses believe that every child has the right to professional nursing care. School nurses are compassionate, competent and caring professionals. The body of school nursing knowledge and theory continues to evolve and BB&N school nurses will actively participate in the process of knowledge development and professional growth. The BB&N school nurses will demonstrate the high standards of clinical skill, leadership, advocacy, communication, confidentiality and community involvement.

BB&N believes that school nurses are health educators. Whether the educational encounters are formal, in the classroom, or impromptu, the health promotion and education provided by school nurses has potential for far reaching impact on the lives of the individuals and community.

Lastly, the BB&N school nurses believe that children are family members. Parents are vital to planning, implementing and evaluating the state of their child’s health. The school health professionals at BB&N will strive to create a team of caring individuals, including parents; in order to meet the individualized health needs of each child in our care.

Health Services Program Goals

The goals of the school health program at BB&N are as follows:

  • To support the educational process by enhancing the health of all children within the community
  • To integrate school-nursing services into the coordinated school health program at BB&N
  • To promote health education opportunities for all community members
  • To advocate for the health of all children the community, local, state and national level through participation in professional organizations
  • To maintain compliance with all local, state and federal statutes related to school health

In order for the school health program at BB&N to be successful we believe that it must be:

  • Implemented by sufficient numbers of qualified, motivated school health professionals
  • Prevention focused
  • Holistic
  • Evaluated periodically to determine effectiveness and to develop indicators for continuous quality improvement

Services Provided by Our School Nurses

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Health care counseling and guidance to students and their families
  • Identification of health concerns by observation and assessment of needs, and appropriate care.
  • Medication management
  • Immunization verification according to state guideline requirements
Community Engagement Report